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“This is Irish music the way it was born, what Irish music is all about… a wonderfully gifted family sitting together playing wonderful music…  this is Irish music at its highest and deepest level.”

Arguably, many would think it now sad that this fine town castle, originally dating from the 14th century and the finest of its kind in Ireland , is now a bank. However, the external structure is beautifully preserved. The Lynch family was the most powerful of the Galway 'tribes', a fact manifest in this imposing former residence. The façade is festooned with gargoyles and bears, the coats of arms of the Tudor Monarch Henry VII, the noble Fitzgerald family of Kildare, and of course, the Lynches.

James Galway - The Celtic MinstrelJames Galway - The Celtic MinstrelJames Galway - The Celtic MinstrelJames Galway - The Celtic Minstrel